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The Pomegranate Sangha is inspired by the teachings and practice of Vietnamese Zen Buddhist Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

We are part of the international Sangha which he founded – the Community of Interbeing, affiliated to the Order of Interbeing, a “fourfold community” of lay women and men, nuns and monks who practice Mindfulness Meditation in a Buddhist context according to the guidance and teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. We are just one of over one hundred Sanghas (groups) in the UK, comprising beginners and more experienced practitioners learning from and supporting each other on the path of awakening and transformation.

We normally** meet every Wednesday evening at the Friends Meeting House 27 Ashgate Road, Chesterfield S40 4AG,  from 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start, finishing just after 9. (Please note that the street number is not displayed – look for the Meeting House (Quakers) sign.)

**Coronavisus / Covid-19 We have had to take the decision to suspend all physical meetings for in indefinite period, but…  

We have set up an online facility (via the “ZOOM” app which enables us to continue our practice until such time we are able to resume meeting in person. Anyone new, i.e. not on our email list but wishes to join us, please email me or phone/text – contact details at top of the right-hand column on this page.

**Breaking News** we are shortly to trial a “live” Morning of Mindfulness. Please contact us if you are not currently on the emailing list but are interested. (This note added 13th October)

Stagecoach bus route 39 stops in Brockwell Lane. If coming by car – limited parking at back of building but plenty of on-street parking on nearby roads. Access into the building –  please enter either via the entry from Ashgate Road (see inset photograph on  map). Entry via the Brockwell Lane door is usually available.

No need to book, just come along and previous experience of meditation not necessary. Chairs are available, but if you have your own meditation cushion or stool, mat and blanket, please bring them along.

The sessions will normally comprise a guided meditation, walking meditation and a period of silent meditation. Readings and other elements will complete the evening.

Cost: by donation* (suggested donation of £3 on Wednesdays, and between £5 to £8 on Saturdays, or what you can genuinely afford).  *For physical meetings.

(Please note that the meditation gatherings are not under the auspices of the Religious Society of Friends, the room is hired – please direct any inquiries using the contact details in the right-hand column.)


“Mindfulness is our inherent capacity of healing and renewal. It is the basis for transforming ourselves and creating a more harmonious family and society. To be mindful is to be aware of what is going on in our body, in our feelings, in our mind and in the world, as we avoid doing harm to ourselves and others. With the help of conscious breathing – breathing and knowing we are breathing, we are able to touch and be nourished by the peace and joy that are available within and around us, in the here and now.

Our true home is in the present moment. To live in the present moment is a miracle. The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on the green Earth in the present moment, to appreciate the peace and beauty that are available now. Peace is all around us – in the world – and in nature – and within us – in our bodies and our spirits. Once we learn to touch this peace, we will be healed and transformed. It is not a matter of faith; it is a matter of practice.”

“Touching Peace”, Thich Nhat Hanh

Calligraphy by Thich Nhat Hanh

Calligraphy by Thich Nhat Hanh              

Please note we have a new Sangha close by, based on the Peak District: click <HERE> for details.

 Dear visitor:  we use this WordPress facility purely as a website, not as a blog. We thought we had disabled the blog functions, but we have still received a few ‘followers’. We thank you for your interest:  however, if you wish to make contact for any reason, please use the email address top-right replacing (of course) the “(dots)” with “.”  

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